Ballistic 814 / Jester Chrome
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Ballistic 814 / jester chrome

JESTER Chrome with Black Inserts Wheels by Ballistic. These tough and great-looking off-road capable one-piece custom aluminum wheels will make your truck look great on the street or off road.

Choosing the Right Wheels has Never Been Easier!

High-quality wheels are the backbone of any vehicle, in spite of that their significance is often overlooked.

Sure, wheels aren’t necessarily the most exciting part of the car, nevertheless they’re enormously crucial to the
overall performance of your vehicle, not to mention the rare aesthetic hints they can also provide.

Apparently, you can have the fastest car in the planet - if the wheels don’t match the car’s power, the car
will never perform like it was intended to. On top of this, wheels are built for specific purposes. Whether it is chrome rims, black rims, 20 inch rims, 22 inch rims, black on black rims, putting the
wrong types of wheels on your car not only hampers performance, but can also be risky.

Know Your Wheels - Does Optimum Design Equal Optimum Performance?Wheels are used for both performance enhancement as well as visual style. With the metal portion of the wheel,
there’s room for customization. You can increase the performance of your car or alter the way you look
as you drive down the road.

Take Ballistic 814 / Jester Chrome wheels, for instance. These wheels are made with visual appeal in mind.
With metallic wheels designed to catch the light, you can be sure your vehicle will definitely stand out from the
crowd. No matter what kind of car you have, Ballistic 814 / Jester Chrome wheels will ensure your car has a rare
and personalized look.

Of course, looks aren’t the whole thing. Who cares what the auto looks like if it’s unsafe to drive? With
Ballistic 814 / Jester Chrome wheels, you can feel comfortable knowing your car looks and performs great as well.These wheels are prepared with functioning in mind, although they look immensely preferable to steel hubcapsas well.

Unlike steel wheels, Ballistic 814 / Jester Chrome wheels don’t require hubcaps. Instead, the entire wheel is built for
both looks and performances. They’re strong wheels, meaning you won’t need to be concerned about replacing them every six months. On top of this, they have a unique shine plus give rise to an excellent visual effect.

So keep Ballistic 814 / Jester Chrome in mind while choosing wheels. Yes, they aren’t THE most durable wheels,
but they will last you longer than nearly all types of attractive wheels. On top of this, they’ll give your whole
vehicle a unique look as you drive down the street.

Look + Performance = Your Ideal Wheel

As you can distinguish, there are many options available when it comes to picking wheels. Every option has its
specific benefits based on the type of car you own.

Ballistic 814 / Jester Chrome wheels are built for aesthetics, security As well as performance. This combination of traits
makes these wheels a bargain and something to look out for when selecting new wheels for your car.

On top of this, they are significantly more affordable than the most luxurious visual wheels while still
maintaining their strength.

By looking at your personal preferences and the make of your car, pinpointing the precise custom wheels
for your vehicle becomes an easy and gratifying process.

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 2096x13512Chrome--Call for Price
 2096x135-12Chrome--Call for Price
 2095x139.70Chrome--Call for Price
 2095x15012Chrome--Call for Price
 2096x139.70Chrome--Call for Price
 2098x165.112Chrome--Call for Price
 2098x17012Chrome--Call for Price
 2096x139.712Chrome--Call for Price
 2096x139.7-12Chrome--Call for Price
 1896x139.7-12Chrome--Call for Price
 1898x165.1-12Chrome--Call for Price
 1898x170-12Chrome--Call for Price
 1896x139.712Chrome--Call for Price
 1895x139.70Chrome--Call for Price
 1895x12712Chrome--Call for Price
 1895x15012Chrome--Call for Price
 1896x139.70Chrome--Call for Price
 1896x13512Chrome--Call for Price
 1796x135-12Chrome--Call for Price
 1796x13512Chrome--Call for Price
 1795x127-12Chrome--Call for Price
 1796x139.712Chrome--Call for Price
 1798x17012Chrome--Call for Price
 1798x165.1-12Chrome--Call for Price
 1798x165.112Chrome--Call for Price
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